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2507 Bordeaux Ben Khalfallah Chant for Janot Ben Khalfallah Playlist
4984 FC Metz Drink Song to sing with a view to a drink night Playlist
6642 Marseille 51 I Love You 51 is a pastis brand, a well known drink in Marseille Ricard is a pastis brand too, a rival of 51 Playlist
8407 Caen Thanks Original fanchant!
12871 Bordeaux Hoo Diawara Song addressed to traitor Diawara left to om for the money Playlist
13735 Marseille From Marseilles to Paris PSG - L'OM Playlist
17988 St Etienne Get Scared Song to frighten the opposing team Playlist
20176 Bordeaux Saurin Is a Charette Chant for Auxerre keeper Saurin Playlist
20636 Montpellier Gardener Brilliant Montpellier fanchant! Playlist

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