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998 Lens Lyon... Lyon wer not fans either Playlist
2313 Lens Gervais Resignation Great song from Lens fans Playlist
2861 Lens LOSC NEW Tell us more; what is the chant about, where it started, a bit about the player involved, anything that other readers would find interesting Playlist
3086 Auxerre Cantona's Right, Refs Are Idiots Sung about when Cantona hit a ref in the face with a ball when he didn't agree with his decision. Cantona then left Nimes due to being banned for the offense. Playlist
5456 Lens Lensois Move... Sung when the Lens team need a lift Playlist
7403 Lens The League... Sung together at 8.00pm on fridays Playlist
9204 Brest Those Not Jumping Aren't from Brest Get up for the Brestois Playlist
11506 Lens Duhamel Is a B*tch Song full of hate for Laurent Duhamel, goalie, but also for one of Caen's players, Mathieu Duhamel Playlist
12006 Lens For the Tigers Lens Brest, against repression and stigmatization of the ultras in France Playlist
12582 Lens Lillois Lillois! Telling Lille where to go! Playlist
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12624 Brest We Are the Brest Brest fans Playlist
14184 Lens Listen Talk Gervais Martel The Marek tribune protests against the RCLens management team at Lens Evian, 02/29/16 Playlist
14222 Lens You Have Killed Our Racing When the club doesn't respect it's fans. TUT TUT. Playlist
15761 Lens We're Here for the Passion You're here for the money! Playlist
17532 Strasbourg Those Not Jumping Are from Metz Chant From a Derby With FC Metz - everyone jumps around Playlist
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